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Daytona Pepsi 400, 2000

The 50 car and Ricky Craven had a strong showing in Talladega, until the motor gave out, so we headed to Daytona with high hopes.  The team struggled early and had to find a lot of speed to make the show.  The crew dug in, went to work and found what they needed to make the field.   After qualifying the team had little time to get ready for happy hour and as a result went to the race with a lot of question marks.  The unknowns would end up costing the team a solid run while fighting a tight condition and 2 bad sets of tires.   The team kept fighting and ended up with a 29th finish on the lead lap.  Going into the weekend we were cross cooking with Mary Whitesell on Jeff Gordon's car which was a lot of fun and provided both teams with a change of pace.  After cooking I spotted for Ricky on the back straight, we came back with all 4 tires and no damage so I didn't screw it up this time.

50daytona7-3-00qulaify.jpg (30017 bytes)

The 50 car ready to qulaify.

tonydaytona7-3-00.jpg (32453 bytes)

Tony Claxton got put to work with the tire man getting tires ready to go.

jeaniedaytona7-3-00.jpg (25701 bytes)

Everybody was working, Jeanie Hicks the owners wife was marking tire hubs.

tpcookingdaytona7-3-00.jpg (24690 bytes)

They wouldn't let me work on the car they only let me cook.

daytona7-3-00nightqualifying.jpg (23730 bytes)

Qualifying at night.

daytona7-3-00roadcar.jpg (30809 bytes)

On Qualifying night the road course cars went at it for 5 or 6 hours.

Pepsi 400 Paint Schemes

18daytona7-3-00.jpg (30664 bytes)
Bobby Labonte All Star

21daytona7-2-00.jpg (32609 bytes)
Elliot Sadler Wood Brother Scheme

3-26daytona7-3-00.jpg (31922 bytes)
Check out the special orange stripe on Earnhardts car

36daytona7-3-00.jpg (31783 bytes)
M&Ms Fireworks

43cheeriosdaytona7-3-00.jpg (29417 bytes)
The new Petty Cheerios

94car.jpg (35510 bytes)
The last time at Daytona for Bill Elliot and McDonalds

Daytona 500, 2000

Daytona is always an interesting place, all the teams are trying to look their best because it is Daytona.  This years Speedweeks took on a new meaning for me, I was there as a working journalist.  We were wearing 3 hats in Daytona, first we were gathering insight, comments and data for Inside Alabama Racing, our new radio program. We also shot 2  cooking segments for Southern Experience (which can be seen on Tuesday nights on the Outdoor channel) from the garage area.  We were also shooting footage for a pilot for a weekly TV show on the ARCA racing series.  All of these hats gave us a unique perspective of the weekend and an opportunity to talk with a lot of people. We  hope you enjoy some of the pictures from the weekend.

David Keith, winner of the ARCA Race

ArcaVictory.bmp (64854 bytes)

winnerarca2best.jpg (29900 bytes)

Arca1.bmp (64854 bytes)

Some of the Drivers we spoke with.

arca14.bmp (64854 bytes)
Darrell Waltrip

arca21.bmp (64854 bytes)
Jeff Gordon

shawnainterview.jpg (24078 bytes)
Shawna Robinson

arca16.bmp (64854 bytes)
Jeremy Mayfield

arca15.bmp (64854 bytes)
Kenny Schrader

arca11.bmp (64854 bytes)
1999 ARCA Champion
Bill Baird

arca7.bmp (64854 bytes)
Mike Harmon

sterlingmarlinqual.jpg (25692 bytes)
Sterling Marlin

mwaltripqual.jpg (24943 bytes)
Michael Waltrip

arca20.bmp (64854 bytes)
Dan Pardus

Fatboy Cooking in the Garage

tpgrill.jpg (25113 bytes)

tpgrillback.jpg (35644 bytes)

tpribs.jpg (33408 bytes)