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11-14-08: Jamie Praytor lost her battle with cancer. Jamie is Tommy’s Mom and Thomas’s grandmother, below is the biography that was sent to the Newspaper. Her accomplishments are incredible. We felt like since we are posting this on our web site that we would tell a few racing stories about Mame. Like everyone else in Tommy’s family Jamie didn’t know anything about racing when she made her first trip to Mobile International Speedway. Everything was going fine until I took the track with 20 other guys, she couldn’t watch and ran under the bleachers until it was over. As I made my way to NASCAR Jamie made her first trip to Talladega Super Speedway. The first problem she had was the closed toe shoes and no halter tops in the garage. Once we got her apparel situated she made Talladega her personal playground and everyone was honeyed or darlined into letting her go wherever she wanted to go. The toughest place to get to at a race is the cars as the drivers get in to race. Jamie blew past those guards and proceeded to hug the drivers and wish them luck as she made her way through the starting lineup. The expression on Dale Sr’s face was classic as he got a hug and a good luck from this lady who had no idea who he was. Now it was time for me to run and hide until it was over. As Thomas made his way up through the ranks Mame made more trips to the racetrack, the final one was for the filming of Final Destination 4 at Mobile International Speedway this summer (Picture above). Unlike most race fans, all she wanted was for it to be over, she never really got comfortably watching either one of us racing. While she wasn’t a regular race fan she kept up with Thomas and her buddy Rick Crawford on a regular basis. While she was fighting cancer and as days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months she kept up with what day it was by, practice (Thursday) or race night (Saturday) or when Thomas and I were going to the races with Rick. She always wanted to know how we were doing. She was extra proud of the all-Mobile front row in Texas with Rick and Cale Gale. She loved it when Mobile people did good. To say we are going to miss her would be an understatement. Tommy

Below is Jamie's Biography from Praytor Realty

The third child of ten offspring Jamie has always had a strong sense of family.  Growing up at the Loop in Mobile she and her 9 brothers and sisters lived in a 3-bedroom house with 1 bathroom, but they never felt like they were doing without.  Her parents Elmer and Susan Catlin installed in her a strong work ethic and the ability to make the most of what you have.  Her father was a carpenter by trade and his ability to create something from nothing inspired Jamie to become a success in any endeavor she undertook.  After sheparding her flock of ten on their way, her mother, Susan, was not through with kids.  She started working with the mentally challenged children and was part of founding the Albert P. Brewer Developmental Center.  Giving back to the community became the third corner stone of Jamie’s life.

Fresh out of Murphy High School, Jamie went to work as a secretary in the Merchants National Bank building.  It wasn’t long before she met a young banker that caught her eye, Tommy Praytor.  To say that Tommy enjoyed life would have been an understatement.   The pair would soon become inseparable and they married in 1959.  Three children would soon follow and after 8 years of being at home with the kids and doing charity work Jamie decided to resume her professional career.  She went to work with Gene Duke as a real estate agent and being a realtor helping people make dreams come true for their families was a natural fit.  Jamie soon moved from agent to Broker and sales manager hiring and training a 15 member sales team.

On August 1, 1974 Jamie opened Praytor Realty with an all female sales staff.  While women in the work place are a norm today Jamie’s all female team was definitely unique.  Labeled Praytor’s Pretties by the Birmingham News, Praytor Realty soon became mainstream and the now familiar Praytor Daisy started sprouting up in yards all over Mobile.   While building her company Jamie was also giving back to the Realtor community.  She was elected president of the local Board of Realtors and she soon moved on to become President of the State Association in 1992.  Along the way her drive to succeed was balanced with her sense of family and giving back that gained her accolades from her peers and she was chosen Realtor of the Year in 1981. Jamie spread her commitment to giving back inside her company. In the last 25 years, Jamie’s small company has produced 5 Realtor presidents and 4 Realtor’s of the Year. In 2008 the Mobile Association of Realtors honored Jamie’s commitment to others by creating the Jamie C. Praytor Community Service Award.

While building her company Jamie was also breaking new ground as a working Mom. Real estate was a perfect fit for a mom on the go and raising her 3 children, Tommy, Ellen, and Wilson.  Tommy followed his Mom into the real estate business but is most well known for his passion for stock car racing.  Daughter Ellen graduated from Auburn University with an art degree and is now a Senior Vice President at Lewis Communication. Wilson, the youngest, followed in his grandfather’s foot steps and owns Wilson’s Services, a contracting company.  With her children grown, Jamie focused even more energies into giving back.  In 2001 She was chosen the First Lady of Mobile.

Away form work, Jamie and her husband Tommy developed a love for their beach house on Bare Point and fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.  The pair became fixtures of the Mobile Big Game Fishing Club events.  When not working, she can be found spending time with her grandchildren or hosting her family and friends at the Point.

Her most recent advocacies are serving as Chairman of the Homeless Coalition Task Force to end chronic homelessness, involvement with the Salvation Army and construction of a new Women’s and children’s shelter, McKemie Place and fund raising for the American Diabetes Association.

No commentary on Jamie should leave out her love for and involvement in her church, All Saint’s Episcopal.


Arrangements will be announced later today. In lieu of flowers the family wishes that donations be sent to, McKemie Place, P. O. Box 9082, Mobile, AL 36691 or All Saints Episcopal, 151 S. Ann Street, Mobile, Alabama 36604.



Listed below are some of her outstanding achievements:


bulletLifelong member of All Saints Episcopal Church.  Chair of Stewardship, member of Vestry, President of Women of the Church, Alter Guild Group Leader.


bulletMobile Area Association of Realtors – Board of Directors — Past President — Realtor of the Year


bulletAlabama Association of Realtors — Past President


bulletNational Association of Realtors — Region 5 — Trustee representing Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.


bulletForward Mobile — Member


bulletAppointed by Governor of Alabama to serve on Alabama Development Office Advisory Board.  Trade missions to Japan.


bulletArt Patrons League — Past Member of the Board of Directors


bulletAllied Arts Council — United Arts Fund Drive Division Chair


bulletMobile United — Member of Cultural Diversity Committee, Member of Equal Opportunity Committee


bulletAlabama School of Math and Science — Advisory Board Member


bulletJunior Achievement — President of the Board of Directors


bulletCity of Mobile Mayor’s Special Panel to Study Funding for Mobile County Schools


bulletUniversity of South Alabama – Small Business Development Center – Advisory Board


bulletLeadership Class of 2000 for Multiple Sclerosis


bulletMobile 2000 — Board of Directors


bulletLeadership Mobile — Advisory Council on Economic Development


bulletSouthwest Alabama Chapter March of Dimes — Board of Directors, Chair, City and County Mothers’ March


bulletAmerican Cancer Society — Biggest Rat


bulletFlorence Crittenton Home Auxiliary Board


bulletBoard of Partnership for a Drug Free America


bulletSalvation Army — Board of Directors


bulletMobile Community Organization — Advisory Board


bulletRotary International — Mobile Sunrise Rotary Club — Past President and Secretary


bulletMobile Area Chamber of Commerce — Executive Committee


Detailed Listing of Realtor Service
& Community Involvement

National Association of Realtors:



Member, Structural Audit committee: Sub-committee on Governance

Member, Issues Mobilization: Regional Representative District V

Member, ARPAC Fundraising and Participation: ARPAC Training Conference, Washington

Member, Political Affairs Committee: Sub-committee on Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

Member, Make America Better Committee

Member, Strategic Planning Committee

Member, Legislative Committee

Member, Omega Tau Rho

Member, Political Education Fundraising Committee

Member, Public Policy Coordinating Committee

Member, Independent Expenditures Committee


Alabama Association of Realtors:


Member, Board of Directors

1991 President

1990 President-elect

1989 Secretary/ Treasurer

Audit Committee

Finance Committee

Chair, Political Affairs Sub-committee

Member, Education Committee

Member, Strategic Planning Committee

Member, Convention Committee

Chair, Past Presidents Forum

Member, Real Estate Appraisal Committee

Member, Professional Standards Committee

Chair, Resolutions Committee

Co-Chair, Salesmanship Conference

ARPAC Multi-Life Member

Member, Realtor Support Committee

Member, CRB State Chapter

Member, CRS State Chapter

Regional Vice President, CRS

President, CRS State Chapter

Member, AAR Women’s Council

President, WCR

National Delegate, WCR

Chair, WCR Ways and Means

Chair, WCR Education Committee

Chair, WCR Nominating Committee

Chair, WCR Membership

Chair, Fashion Show

1981 WCR Woman of the Year


Mobile Area Association Of Realtors, Inc:


1986 President

1985 President-elect

1984 Secretary/ Treasurer

Member, Board of Directors

Member, Education Committee

Member, Legislative Committee

President, MLS Committee

Chair, Lock Box Committee

1992, 1980 Chair, ARPAC

Chair, Legislative Committee

Member, Bubba Tonsmeier Scholarship Committee

Chair, Mobilian of the Year Committee

Chair, Take Another Look Committee

1981 Realtor of the Year



Civic Activities:


Member, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce

            1988-1990, 1982-1983 Member, Board of Directors

            1989 Executive Committee

                        Vice Chair, Public and Governmental Affairs

            1989 Member, Legislative Task Force

            Member, Task Force on Local Government

            Speaker- Chamber Meeting

            1980-1984 Member, Mach 80 Industrial Task Force

            1984 Public Health Committee Representative

            Member, Port and Waterways Committee

            Member, World Trade Committee

            Member, Transportation Council

            Member, Trade Development Council

Appointed by the Governor to the Alabama Development Office Advisory Board

Represented Alabama in Japan at US/ Japan Trade Commission

Junior Achievement

            Board of Directors

            Vice President in charge of Business Leaders

            Hall of Fame

            Executive Committee

            Fund Drive and Project Business Chair

Leadership Mobile Advisory Council on Economic Development


Federated Junior Woman’s Club of Mobile

            Charter Member

            Honorary Member

            Past President

Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs

            Former State Junior Director

Art Patrons League

            Chair, Calendar Sales

            Celebrity Chef

            Outdoor Art Fair Transportation

            Calendar Advisory Committee

Florence Crittendon Home Auxiliary Board

Southwest Chapter March of Dimes

            Advisory Board

            Board of Directors

            Chair, Cityand County Mothers March

Allied Arts Council

Mobile Community Organization Advisory Board

American Cancer Society- Biggest Rat in Town

1980 Career Woman

M.O. Beale Scroll of Merit

Alabama Public Relations Council Newcomer Brochure Award

Member of the Sunrise Rotary Club

Serves on Board of Directors, Salvation Army

2001 First Lady of Mobile


Business Accomplishments:


Organized the first ARPAC phone drive

Instrumental in forming the Political Action Committee on the State and Local level

During term as State ARPAC Chair, she fostered the adoption of equalized goal setting and a written Rebate Program for local boards.

Founder of Praytor Realty in 1974.

Member Board of Directors of Chamber of Commerce

Served on Executive Committee Chamber of Commerce

Recruited first and only Golden “R” member for RPAC, from Alabama

While Chair of State ARPAC trustees saw that Alabama met its National RPAC Goal.