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Winston Cup Sponsorship-For 2 1/2 years Praytor Animation was an associate sponsor on the 50 Midwest Transit Winston Cup Team until the team ceased operation in the middle of 2001.  Our sponsorship was our introduction to big time racing and the following are some of the announcements from our time with the 50.   At the bottom of the page are links to some races we went to.  During our time with the 50 we saw Dan Pardus let go, Ricky Craven get rolling again and made friends with a lot of crew members who are now scattered all over the Winston Cup Garage.

Craven moves on Mast takes the reigns.
Ricky Craven moves to the 32 car and Winston cup veteran Rick Mast takes over driver duties on the 50 for the 2001 season. 

Praytor Animation Reups with 50 for 2001 12-01-01
The ride continues for Praytor Animation and Midwest Transit as Tommy Praytor and Hal Hicks join together again for the 2001 season.  "Over the last few years I have watched this team grow and mature and with a little more help they can be a force in Winston Cup Racing" said Praytor.  Charlie Pressley, team manager added the following, "Tommy's presence in the garage area has been a positive influence on all of us, you can see our team moral pick up when they know Tommy is coming to the track.   Off the track Tommy has been a champion for our team and we are looking forward to having him back in 2001.

Praytor Animation Renews Sponsorship for 2000

During Speedweeks 2000 at Daytona International Speedway we announced the renewal of our Associate Sponsorship of the 50 Midwest Transit Monte Carlo driven by Ricky Craven.  Because we are an Alabama company out sticker will debut on the car at Talledega in April.  The following our some of the comments from the announcement:

"We have watched this team grow and mature over the last year from a first time Winston Cup rookie to an experienced veteran.  Ricky Craven has all the tools and now he has put together a team around him that will put him back up front."

  "Tommy is one of the most tenured members of our team having been with it from almost its inception and we are delighted he and his company are returning for the 2000 season.  Last season was a tough rebuilding year and Tommy always made the mood a little lighter with his appearances at the track" said Ricky Craven.  He went on to say, "From Daytona to Indianapolis Tommy and his cooking have become very popular in the Cup garage. There's hardly a team he hasn't fed at one track or another."


Talladega 2000
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