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Talladega Fall 2000.  The Fall race is much busier with both ARCA and Cup series racing.  We spent all weekend shuttling back and forth from the 2 garages.  The Midwest Transit team struggled in first round qualifying, borrowed a motor from Jeff Gordon and were second day fast qualifier with a 26th starting position.  David Keith won a wild ARCA contest backing up his Daytona ARCA win.  Ricky Craven and the 50 team took the car as high as 8th in the first green flag sequence.  Problems with one of the tires on the first pit stop took us out of the lead draft and ultimately put us a lap down.  I spotted for the team again on the back and again we didn't tear anything up, of course we didn't have the big one either.

DARREL~1.jpg (13595 bytes)

We cooked for the 50 car and we always seem to draw a crowd.  One of the guys caught Darrell Waltrip on camera sneaking a few ribs.

4hood10-16-00.jpg (29590 bytes)

The hood of The Outdooor Channels ARCA Monte Carlo

4outdoorchannel10-16-00.jpg (28915 bytes)

Side shot of the Outdoor Channel car. The car is driven by Alabama driver Marc Brenner

32wardandrew10-16-00.jpg (34631 bytes)

After helping with the 50 Ward Davis went over the wall carrying tires for the 32 Autobell Car Wash car Driven by Mark Stahl.  Thats Andrew McKinney standing next to him. 

ArcaFuel76.jpg (15536 bytes)

Steve Davies went to work running gas for the 32 car.

BradandLizard1.jpg (19647 bytes)

Brad James learned one of the perks from working on the crew is, pit lizards naturally start coming your way.

Rickyandlizard.JPG (13755 bytes)

Of course, thats something Ricky knows all about.

50ward10-16-00.jpg (32790 bytes)

Ward pulling double duty on the 50 car for Sundays race.

pitrow50-1-10-16-00.jpg (30672 bytes)

The 50 team in action during a pit stop.

rolltidegarage10-16-00.jpg (25525 bytes)

Scott Pruetts Roll Tide Car in the garage.

rolltidecarhood.jpg (29020 bytes)

rolltidecar10-9.jpg (26175 bytes)

e1pitrowtalledaga10-16-00.jpg (25505 bytes)

Dale Earnhardt on pit road headed to Victory Lane after the race.

tptony.JPG (25982 bytes)

As a preview to Talladega Tommy interviewed Tony Stewart for Inside Alabama Racing

Talladega Spring 2000. The 50 car had a good run going in Talladega and a long pit stop cost us the lead draft, but not before Ricky Craven had taken the car from 32nd to 10th.  Some of our local guys were put to work during the weekend, James Twilley helped work tire setup and Ward Davis was handing tires over the wall during pit stops.  I even had a chance to spot for the team on the back stretch.  We didn't tear anything up so I did a good job in my first try.  Of course there weren't any wrecks on the back stretch either.  Here are some of our pictures.

wardandtire.JPG (33054 bytes)

That's Ward Davis off my crew working in the pits for the 50 car on race day. 

pitstop.jpg (30529 bytes)
More Ward

pitstop2.jpg (37715 bytes)
Enough of Ward

notiresoncar.jpg (40911 bytes)

Work never stops on the car until it rolls out to be put in line.

lunchtime.jpg (37537 bytes)

We always seem to draw a crowd at lunch time.

rickyready.jpg (30795 bytes)

"I qualified! Where is everybody!"

rickynotready.jpg (38263 bytes)

"It wasn't me!"

50car.JPG (14099 bytes)

The 50 car going out for limited practice after the big rain.

sponserstickeroncar.jpg (32937 bytes)

The car being worked on after tech showed we had a few problems.  I think my sticker got shortened just a little.

tommyintrailerwithmanandrolls.jpg (25297 bytes)

They finally hired a team member, Mountain, that makes me look small.

wardclaxtonhuber.jpg (23476 bytes)

Some of the group that made the trip, Tom Claxton, Phil Huber & Ward Davis

tommyintent.jpg (28954 bytes)

Slinging ribs in the rain.

interview.jpg (43549 bytes)

Randy Patrick from WKRG, Mobile, and Michael Waltrip.

pitbox.jpg (41510 bytes)

Pit box set up and ready for action on Sunday. 

tommycookbetweentrailers.jpg (24538 bytes)

When cooking at the track you have to be mobile.  The guys had to do some body work so we had to move from the back of the trailer.  The real problem for me, its real tight between those trailers.

50carinlineup.jpg (39945 bytes)

Lined up and ready to go.