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Show Car
alltelshowcarpc4-15-06web.jpg (58052 bytes)
Our NEW show car is now available for your special event, fund raiser, radio remote or store opening.  The car is a former Bsuch Series Pontiac Grand Prix that we retired from racing to make available for display and our new ride along program. Our show car will always be ready even if we wreck on Saturday Night. 

wirelessfreedomA-11-10-05.jpg (99326 bytes)

Paula and her crew Wireless Freedom grand opening 11-10-06.

nbc155-19-06web.jpg (83769 bytes)

The NBC 15 Morning Crew broadcasting from the show car 5-19-06

alltelshowcar5-26-06foley.jpg (139965 bytes)

The Alltel Show car in front of Alltel
Foley, for customer appreciation day.

gulfstatesgrandopening.jpg (107165 bytes)

At Gulf States Wireless Grand Opneing 4-21-06.

alltelshowcarpc4-15-06web.jpg (58052 bytes)

Unveiling at Praytor's Collectibles, with Tony Stewart's Championship car and Rusty Wallace's Last Call car. 4-17-06

Aut_8429.jpg (115365 bytes)

At Alabama Power Safety Conference 6-9-05

Dsc01417.jpg (876608 bytes)

At Johnston's Paint & Supply for Grand Opening with Dupont Paint. 6-8-05

Eds.jpg (62353 bytes)

At Eds Seafood Shed for Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours. 9-30-04

showcaralwelcomecenter5-17-04.jpg (56240 bytes)

Show car at Alabama Welcome Center for National Tourism Week. 5-17-04

showcarmismeetthedrivernight2003.jpg (112816 bytes)

Show car at MIS for ALLTEL Meet The Drivers Night. 8-16-03

showcargulflinkwireless5-15-03.jpg (81158 bytes)

Appearing at Gulf Link Wireless. 5-17-03

showcarwelcomecenter5-10-03.jpg (90741 bytes)

At the Alabama Welcome Center ofr Alabama Tourism Week. 5-10-17-03

showcarsaraland5-8-03.jpg (94346 bytes)

Hot Ron Anthony from 106.5 and the Saraland ALLTEL Team. 5-8-03

showcarbayoulabatre5-1-03.jpg (30327 bytes)

Alabama Power and L & S Airconditioning's Bayou Blow Out in Bayou Labatre 5-1-03

showcarmis3-22-03.jpg (60019 bytes)

Show car at ALLTEL Speed Spectacular. 3-22-03

foley3-18-03.jpg (71926 bytes)

We started the 2003 Season with an appearance at the Foley ALLTEL store and a radio remote with 95 KSJ. 3-17-03

showcarfair2002.jpg (81208 bytes)

The folks at Home Depot were nice enough to have us back out to open the 2003 greater Gulf State Fair. 10-18-02

schillingergrandopening10-12-02.jpg (62627 bytes)

Ron and the gang at the Grand Opening of the Schillingers Road Store in Mobile. 10-12-02

milestonealltel8-28-02.jpg (60003 bytes)

John Bridges and his Team ALLTEL at the Milestone store in Pensacola. 8-28-02

gulflink8-17-02.jpg (64538 bytes)

Mark & Christy Skipper at Gulf Link Wireless. 8-17-02

wal-martgrandopening5-15-02.jpg (71396 bytes)

At the grand opening of the Super Wal-Mart in Mobile on the Beltline.

welcomecenter5-6-02.JPG (67810 bytes)

At the Alabama Welcome Center for Alabama Tourism Week 2002.  Pictured with the  car are Debra Stewart and some of her great staff that meet thousands of visitors every week.

showcarfair10-24-01.jpg (31871 bytes)

At the Home Depot booth at the Greater Gulf State Fair with an attendance of over 300,000

showcaralltelpensacola9-21-01.jpg (26044 bytes)

At ALLTEL Pensacola for a radio remote.

showcaralltelopening8-04.jpg (32194 bytes)

At ALLTEL Grand Opening in Saraland

showcar28meetthedriver7-30-01.jpg (32322 bytes)

At MIS for ALLTEL Meet the Driver Night 7-28-01

showcarcorlett7-17-01.jpg (22566 bytes)

The show car at Dalton Corlett Fund Raiser, 7-15-01

showcarsevillesquare6-1-01.jpg (31851 bytes)

The show car, in Seville Square in, Pensacola for Surrender the City. 5-31-01

alwecomeshowcar5-7-01.jpg (29616 bytes)

showcarfront.jpg (24241 bytes)

showcarclose5-7-01.jpg (29941 bytes)

alwecomecenterdistant5-6-01.jpg (30662 bytes)

showcarftonaltoursin5-7-01.jpg (27491 bytes)